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Wayne Ferguson Plaza



...To create an open space plaza in Old Town that will become a community destination.

Input from Stakeholder Groups

A week long charrette was held May 11-15, 2009 to develop three plaza concepts. Th e charrette was held together with two other related projects; the Mill Street Corridor Plan and the Old Town TOD Plan. Th ese two plans impact the future use of the plaza and therefore needed to be conceptualized together. Th e charrette process included key stakeholder meetings and public outreach. This helped to guide the concepts and program of each design alternative.

The Design: Sky . Rain . Prairie

Inspired by the sculptural manner in which water carves the landscape of the North Texas Tall Grass Prairie, the design takes on a contemporary sweeping gesture using water as a link east to west and unites the plaza with the future Arts Center. A linear water feature runs parallel to a boardwalk, guiding residents and guests throughout a garden filled with swathes of native grasses and wildflowers. The water feature is designed as a cooling amenity and a gathering place surrounding the central stage and lawn terraces. At the eastern end of the plaza, water terminates at an interactive fountain. A dual water fall/projection wall serves as a dramatic backdrop and screen for outdoor movies, concerts and other performances.

For more information on the history of Wayne Ferguson Plaza, please visit us at the Playlewisville.com website or view Master Plan for the Plaza.


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