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Special Initiative

The Lewisville Economic Development Department coordinates a number of special initiatives and projects. These projects are aimed at specific areas of the community or special challenges existing City Wide. The links below will provide you will additional information on the future of Lewisville and the many exciting projects we are actively working on all guided by our Lewisville 2025 plan.

The Lewisville 2025 plan is a strategic plan with an implementation focus; guiding the development of the City of Lewisville over the next 10 years. In 2025 the City of Lewisville will celebrate its centennial. This plan's function is to serve as a vision for the future, a framework for investment decisions, and as a non-traditional, comprehensive guide that methodically builds on all previous developments to validate and prioritize recent, relevant initiatives. Lewisville 2025 examines realities of existing conditions and the marketplace, demographic implications, areas of growth potential, and strategies for improving quality of life. The plan does not focus on only the physical development of the city, but rather the overall goals for Lewisville as a livable and economically vibrant community.
TXDOT 35E Express Project
TXDOT 35E Express Project


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