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Quick Facts


City of Lewisville $0.436086
Denton County $0.237812
Lewisville ISD $1.4075
Total Property Tax Rate $2.081398


State 6.25%
City of Lewisville 1.00%
4B Sales Tax 0.25%
DCTA Sales Tax 0.50%
Crime Control & Fire Prevention Districts 0.25%
Total Sales Tax Rate 8.25%


Population (2016 est.) 100,400
Denton County Population (2016 est.) 758,370
Size Ranking in DFW Metroplex 14th
Education Attainment: Percentage of High School Graduates or Higher 86.8%
2015 Average Unemployment Rate 3.5%
2015 Average Existing Home Value $156,100
Average Monthly Apartment Rent $961
ACCRA Cost of Living Index (100% Composite Index) 91.9%

*U.S. Census Bureau


Lewisville's population is ideally suited for the growth and development of your business, with an average age of 31, a vibrant workforce, and is perfect for new businesses in a rapidly growing region. DFW is one of the fastest-growing regions in the nation, with new residents and new businesses relocating to Lewisville and DFW every day. Our low tax rate provides a strong incentive for businesses to locate in Lewisville. 

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