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Old Town Transit Oriented Development Plan



...to provide accessibility from the Old Town to the Old Town Station, while creating an environment where residents can live, work, and play without sole reliance on a vehicle. Design considerations account for a phased approach that will enable development and redevelopment to occur in a way that buffers and screens incompatible uses. It is intended that the TOD will utilize public investments to help spur private development and position Lewisville to seek federal ‘stimulus’ funds based on buildable and realistic plans.

Input from Stakeholder Groups

A week long charrette was held May 11-15, 2009 to develop the design concept for the TOD. The charrette was held together with two other related projects; the Mill Street Corridor Plan and the Old Town Plaza Plan. These two plans impact the future use of the plaza and therefore needed to be conceptualized together. The charrette process included key stakeholder meetings and public outreach. This helped to guide the concepts and program of each design alternative.

The Preferred Design Concept

The Preferred Alternative was defined through a work session with City staff and City Council. Key elements of the Preferred Alternative include some office and retail uses that support a level of job creation. Mixed-use and commercial uses are focused around Mill Street and Main Street. A smaller entertainment use is located around the Old Town Station. The plan integrates a diversity of housing types and ensures that park and open space amenities are accessible within two-minutes of all units. A large central park spine
along the railroad serves as a buffer and amenity while also ties directly to the regional stormwater management. The integration of the stormwater systems with green space and streets creates more environmentally sustainable streetscape environments. Similarly alleys are introduced to buffer varying uses and densities.

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