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Nack Development to construct commercial, office space In Old Town Lewisville

The city of Lewisville approved an economic agreement May 12 with Nack Development for its first project in Old Town Lewisville at the corner of Main and Charles streets.

“We pride ourselves on creating a renaissance of redevelopment downtown,” Nack Development President and CEO Donny Churchman said. “So, this is going to be the first of many for us in Old Town Lewisville.”

Nack Development is a boutique-style real estate company with several developments in the city of Frisco, primarily in the downtown Rail District.

The proposed project will be between 20,000 and 25,000 square feet. The first floor will consist of commercial space, possibly a coffee house or some retail, Churchman said. The second floor is planned for office space, while the third floor is planned to be an event space.

The proposed building includes public restrooms facing the adjacent Ferguson Plaza that will be available during events.

Renderings of the proposed building show patio space for each level above the first.

“That’s one thing we like to incorporate on our projects as much as possible,” Churchman said. “Just to give it a little different feel and vibe than the normal everyday commercial projects.”

Nack will break ground on the project sometime between October and December, and it will be a 12-month build.


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