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The City of Lewisville has launched a new online dashboard system that allows Lewisville residents, City leaders, and anyone interested to track how the City performs in various service areas.

The City is committed to accountability, open communication, community engagement, and continuous improvement. This performance dashboard provides valuable data used in decision making regarding service delivery, management of resources, and policy recommendations and also is used as a tool for community dialogue related to City performance. In addition, these measures are used to evaluate progress made toward achieving the City's Priorities and the Lewisville 2025 vision plan.

The open data policy also creates a framework for the City to proactively put out its information, making it easier for residents to access the data.

The metric dashboard can be found at metrics.cityoflewisville.com. Users can view performance metrics by department, by City Priority, and by Lewisville 2025 Big Move. What makes this dashboard system unique is that performance metrics are derived through a variety of sources. City employees created meaningful operational performance measures that are queried in real time to provide ease in collection as well as up to the minute data. 

Performance metrics are listed along with the goal and the current queried values. Users can sort the list by value or metric name. Metrics meeting the goal easily are coded as green. Those that meet goal by a small margin are coded as a lighter color green, and those that are not meeting goal are marked in red. By clicking on the title of a metric, users can view additional information about that metric.

Nearly 50 metrics are currently included in the Performance Dashboard, and more than 100 others are in development.

The creation and implementation of the performance dashboard is partially a result of the City’s participation in the “What Works Cities” initiative, created by Bloomberg Philanthropies to help city governments make better use of data. The City of Lewisville was chosen to be part of the “What Works Cities” initiative in January 2017, becoming the fourth Texas city to take part in the program.