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North Central Texas Council of Governments 2017 CLIDE Award Recipient


The Wayne Ferguson Old Town Plaza is a 1.5-acre urban park and community gathering place located in the heart of Old Town Lewisville. The plaza sits across the street from Lewisville City Hall and the Medical City of Lewisville Grand Theater and is adjacent to the historic Main Street commercial district. The plaza was originally known as the Old Town Plaza but was named the Wayne Ferguson Plaza with the dedication ceremony held on October 13, 2015. The Plaza is a place-specific gathering site that harmonizes environmental stewardship, economic development, and a commitment to the arts—and strengthens Old Town as a destination for both locals and visitors. Lewisville had invested in reestablishing itself in Old Town through the construction of a new City Hall in 2002. Existing improvements to Main Street were helping to identify character and enhance the pedestrian environment.

The Plaza has become the heart of Lewisville and a place for community. The Plaza hosts numerous events throughout the year that bring visitors both local and from afar to the Lewisville. The bigger events that throughout the year have an impressive economic benefit to the City.

Lewisville Old Town Award Recipient: City of Lewisville

"It is at its core a town center gathering space, with the story and the flow and elements. I liked the feel of it and can imagine myself sitting their experiencing it. They did a lot with a small space."

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