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Mill Street Corridor Enhancement Plan


Mill Street will reinvent itself as a pedestrian friendly and safe streetscape through the use of streetscape enhancements and pedestrian amenities. Mill Street will represent the desired character of Lewisville and will attract new residents, new business, and redevelopment.

Input from Stakeholder Groups

A week long charrette was held May 11-15, 2009 to develop three plaza concepts. The charrette was held together with two other related projects; the Old Town Plaza Plan and the Old Town TOD Plan. These two plans impact the future use of the plaza and therefore needed to be conceptualized together. The charrette process included key stakeholder meetings and public outreach. This helped to guide the concepts and program of each design alternative.

Objectives of the Plan

  • Reduce vehicular speeds without negatively impacting traffic movement and circulation.
  • Create a streetscape that is safe for both pedestrian and vehicular circulation.
  • Provide the streetscape amenities necessary to provide a comfortable pedestrian experience.
  • Create a gateway corridor to the Old Town Area that reflects the desired identity of Lewisville.
  • Provide vegetation to add visual interest, reduce the heat island effect, and buffer parking lots.
  • Utilize existing public realm and street dimensions to minimize cost of purchasing additional right-of way.
  • Provide clear and attractive signage and wayfinding along the corridor.
  • Make Mill Street a viable corridor to access the Old Town Area and the future Transit Oriented Development.
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