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The City of Lewisville was chartered in 1925 as a Municipality by the state of Texas. Lewisville uses a Council/Manager form of government whose mission is to meet its residents' needs with the highest quality of service.

The Mayor and City Council form a 6-member body elected by the citizens of Lewisville to set laws and regulations governing the City of Lewisville. The Mayor votes only in the case of a tie vote among the five Council members. The Council meets on the first and third Monday of each month in public meetings to debate and set local legislation. Council members are elected at large (citywide) for three year terms. Council members are governed by the City Charter which can be found at www.municode.com

Under the Council/Manager form of government, the City Council supervises the City Manager, the City Attorney, the City Secretary and the City Judges. The City Council is responsible for developing policy and the City Manager responsible for implementing those policies. The City Manager supervises all other city employees.

The City of Lewisville is independent from the Lewisville Independent School District and other government agencies including Denton and Dallas County and State of Texas and Federal Agencies.


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