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Development Activity Report


The Development Activity Report features an online, interactive map and detailed listings of current development activity.

Please click here to access the Development Activity Report 


Projects are listed in alphabetical order. User can click on the project name and a drop down menu will identify the project type, project location, project scope, description, and status along with primary contact information.

There are two types of projects shown on this report, each denoted by a different color of pin:

 DAR2 Projects currently under construction  DAR1 Projects undergoing the public hearing process


Project Type Descriptions:

  • Engineering Site Plan: The development plan for one or more non-single-family lots upon which is shown all information required by Chapter 6 of the Lewisville Code of Ordinances; plans must be sealed by a state-licensed civil engineer.
  • Old Town Development Plan: The development plan of one or more non-single-family lots in the Old Town center business district, as established by the city zoning ordinance, upon which is shown all information required by Chapter 6 of the Lewisville Code of Ordinances.
  • Final Plat with Construction Plans: A plat of a subdivision which has been approved and a copy of which has been filed for record with the county clerk of Dallas or Denton County, Texas. This includes development plan for one or more single-family lots.
  • Planned Development District: District which accommodates planned associations of uses developed as integral land use units such as industrial districts, offices, commercial or service centers, shopping centers, residential developments of multiple or mixed housing including, attached single-family dwellings or any appropriate combination of uses which may be planned, developed, or operated as integral land use units either by a single owner or a combination of owners. A Planned Development (PD) District may be used to permit new or innovative concepts in land utilization not permitted by other zoning districts in this chapter. While greater flexibility is given to allow special conditions or restrictions, which would not otherwise allow the development to occur, procedures are established herein to ensure against misuse of increased flexibility.
  • Special Use Permit (SUP): A public hearing process that provides a means for evaluating land uses identified in Chapter 17 of the Lewisville Code of Ordinances to ensure compatibility with adjacent properties. The intent of the special use permit process is to allow consideration of certain uses that would typically be incompatible or intensely dominate the area in which they are located, but may become compatible with the provision of certain conditions and restrictions.
  • Straight Zone Change: A public hearing process required when the owner of a property wishes to request a change of zoning on any tract of land. Requests are first heard at a Public Hearing by the Planning and Zoning Commission. The Commission then makes a recommendation which is automatically forwarded to the Lewisville City Council for consideration at a second Public Hearing.
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment: A public hearing case regarding requests for appeals, special exceptions, and variances to the City of Lewisville Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance.

Project Status Definitions:

  • Waiting on Planning and Zoning Board Approval: City staff has approved submitted plans; items requiring Planning and Zoning Board recommendation have been scheduled for an upcoming Planning and Zoning Board meeting
  • Waiting on City Council Approval: Items requiring City Council approval have been scheduled to be presented to and possibly voted on by City Council during an upcoming City Council meeting
  • Plans Approved: This status can be found on public hearing cases signifying City Council approval.
  • Public Improvements Complete: Department of Engineering has issued a Letter of Acceptance indicating that the public improvements have been completed to project specifications.
  • Building Permit Issued: Architectural plans have been approved by staff and the contractor has been issued a permit to begin construction of the structure(s)
  • Building Final Issued: The project is complete and will be removed from the report in 90 days.

Please contact the Planning department at 972.219.3470 if you have any questions regarding this report. 

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