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Developing in Old Town

Development Ordinance:

“The Old Town area is bounded by I-35E to the west, College Street to the north, Railroad Street to the east and Purnell Street to the south. The Old Town area of Lewisville has served as the cultural and economic center of the community for decades and retains many buildings that convey its early character.  This area contains numerous buildings with traditional architectural styles that enhance the community's quality of life as well as the economy of the community.  Maintaining and enhancing an "Old Town look and feel" is critical to the success of Old Town.  Development in the Old Town area is regulated by the Old Town Development Ordinance and projects are also subject to review by the Old Town Design Review Committee.” Click here to open the Old Town Development Ordinance

Old Town Sign Ordinance:

“The Old Town District contains the original downtown commercial center as well as the original residential neighborhoods that surround and support the area.  In recent years, citizens and business leaders have come to recognize the historic, turn-of-the century character of this community as unique in Lewisville and worthy of preserving and enhancing.  Signs are integral to the overall character of the Old Town streetscape. 

The Guidelines for Signage in Old Town apply to signs located within the Old Town District.  The guidelines are intended to encourage the highest level of design quality and provide flexibility for creativity in sign design.  The guidelines should be followed to the greatest extent possible. Click here to access The Old Town Sign Ordinance that was adopted by City Council on April 1, 2013.

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