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DFW is booming – and at the heart of it all is Lewisville, a historic community turned thriving hub of economic energy. Because of its accessible location, infrastructure, culture and outdoor activity, for over 150 years people have flocked to Lewisville to grow a business and settle their families. You don’t get roots this deep without a vision for the future. Lewisville has always had an eye for opportunity and continues to build on what makes the community great.

Our Community Profile is a comprehensive packet of community information that will provide you with a vision of Lewisville and all that we have to offer. Lewisville has over one million square feet of new construction for office and industrial development in the pipeline. In addition new single-family, townhome and multifamily developments are underway providing a great place to live, work and play. Please view our Community Profile below for more information.

In addition as you find information that is relevant to your needs, please take advantage of our Custom Profile Builder to create your own individual community profile. Simply click "Add to Report" for each topic listed below that you need to collect. Once you are finished gathering information, just click the "View Custom Report" link in the upper right corner of this site and that report will then be displayed for you.

Thank you once again for visiting Lewisville, Texas – please let us know if you have any questions that are not answered by this website.


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