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Three major transportation corridors serve Lewisville: President George Bush Turnpkie, State Highway 121 and Interstate 35E. The l-35E transportation corridor is one of the fastest growing in North America with a distinct 8-miles running through the City of Lewisville. Lewisville easily accommodates the movement of goods and services due to its location. If logistics are integral to your business, we are the perfect location. Lewisville has several major highways located in the city and is 5 miles from the DFW International Airport. In addition as a part of the Denton County Transportation Authority, Lewisville has a commuter bus system and three commuter rail stations connecting Lewisville to downtown Dallas and Denton.


Southwest Lewisville Project

  • Construction of two new four lane divided thoroughfares and drainage improvements
  • Funded by Denton County and landowner contributions
  • Limits:   Between Duncan Lane and Edmonds Lane (Spinks Road) and from F.M. 3040 to S.H. 121 (Valley Parkway)


One of the major traffic corridors in Lewisville, Interstate 35E, has been targeted for expansion by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). Because Interstate 35E is a commercial corridor, we aim to serve our community members with quality communication channels and support during the progression of the project. 

TxDOT serves as the primary source of information on the expansion - more infomation on the project can be found on the 35-Express Project and TxDOT websites.




Denton County Transportation Authority in Lewisville:

  • 3 Regional Rail Stops Connecting Lewisville to Denton and Downtown Dallas. 
  • Employment within a 4-mile buffer zone along I-35E is expected to increase 67% by 2030
  • Funded by ½ cent sales tax in Lewisville, Highland Village and Denton