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Whoville? Find out why these captains of industry made ourville theirville...

Real companies, real stories, real people.

Rob Richardson

Rob Richardson Vice President & GM, Active Organics Leading efforts in developing innovative solutions for the skin and hair care markets

Lucy Billingsley

Lucy Billingsley Partner, Billingsley Company Leader in Texas Land & Urban Development

Donald Huffines

Donald Huffines President, Huffines Communities One of the largest North Texas Community Developers

Jace McNiel

Jace McNiel President, Prime Controls Pioneer in Industrial Automation and Controls

We are committed to a leadership
position in broad but measurable sustainability practices, including social responsibility to our employees, community, and the environment. These commitments to environmental and social responsibility are a cornerstone principle in our business and culture at Active Organics”

-Rob Richardson, Vice President & GM, Active Organics

Smart companies are locating here,
positioning North Texas and Lewisville as leaders in a new world economy. Our newest Austin Ranch resident, Orthofix is attracting the kind of talent that drives world-leading innovation.

-Lucy Billingsley, Partner, Billingsley Company

Our new Hebron 121 Station
development offers it all without compromises.
A transit-oriented development, first-class amenities, recreation, lakes and trails will make this resort-style maser-planned community an oasis in Lewisville.

-Donald Huffines, President, Huffines Communities

Prime Controls has called Lewisville
home for over 10 years. In addition to being centrally located in the metroplex and easily accessible for our employees and customers, Lewisville provides an excellent infrastructure from restaurants and hotels to accommodate all aspects of conducting business. We recently had to re-locate our headquarters to support our growth and it was top priority that we do such within the City. We were fortunate to find an existing building to purchase and with the help of the City, it truly was a win-win situation.

-Jace McNiel, President, Prime Controls

Community of the Year!

The Texas Chapter of the American Planning Association Awards Committee has chosen the City of Lewisville as 2010 Community of the Year.

According to the Texas APA Awards Committee, “Lewisville developed as an agriculture-based railroad community and transformed into a 20th century sprawling suburban community in the 1990s. With a renewed focus on their downtown, alternative transportation and appropriate community design, Lewisville is transforming into a competitive community that seeks innovation, creativity and value to promote their quality of life.”
Exciting things are happening in Lewisville. Be part of it!

Western Days: Sept 23 & 24


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